Remember, remember, the Kalends of January

Remember, remember, the Kalends of January

Obviously, this was intended to be posted on the Kalends of January. Then we had another New Year, but I forgot about that, too. We supposedly had another one in March, but I let that slip again. Luckily, the Mestizo calendar gods have given me a fourth chance to do this today, the 2nd of April, not too far from another ancient New Year.

Dear me:

I know you don’t normally do resolutions–and…

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Fuck You, Hit-and-Runners

One second, they’re sitting across you in the jeepney. Next thing you know, they’re lying on the ground, fighting for their lives. The sight stained my eyes. The sound haunted my ears. My heart had broken into many pieces. How quickly things change in a matter of seconds.


Flowers for the couple

They weren’t my friends. I didn’t know them in any meaningful way. They were just a random couple…

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Today in thanks: 26th of the 3rd, 2014

Today in thanks: 26th of the 3rd, 2014

This is embarrassing. Between January 1st and today, my only post has been about horny, fruitarian werewolves. It sounds like a good time to be grateful today. (I know, that sounded so cheesy, but whatever.)

So, today, I am thankful for:

  • My new job. Yes, my winter has ended. To auspicious beginnings!
  • That I waited all those months, not jumping on just any job I could find, staying true to the Big…

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You Are What You Eat (And Pray For)

You Are What You Eat (And Pray For)

In celebration of many good things that have come our way, and more to come still, our House was happy to host a prasad of sweets and greens to our beloved spirits three Sundays ago. You are what you eat, they say, and boy, did we eat auspicious things!

Camera 360

To the right stands Hermês (aptly appearing through an iPad) and a bunch of auspiciously named sweets.
To the left are Asklêpios, Athêna, and…

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Saying Goodbye for Good Afterall

Saying Goodbye for Good Afterall

When I talked about saying goodbye to the nymphs and wights of my hometown, I didn’t mean for good. I mean, even if I am starting a new life in Maple Country soon, that doesn’t mean I can’t come to visit every now and then. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see all this again?

Alas, soon enough, I won’t be seeing the “lush, abundant greenery” anymore. The landlord has decided that it was to the best…

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